Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lost and Found

I have spent much of the last year "finding myself." Actually, I spent about a month finding myself and the rest of the year trying to change what I found with varying success.
I found an unhealthy obsession with cookie dough.
I found that most swear words give me the giggles.
I found that 20 pounds I thought I lost in Brazil.
I found old friends and I found new friends.
I found that I still like Christmas, but birthdays are out.
I found that I can't sleep as much as I used to though I desire it more than ever.
I found that sugar makes me sluggish, but not sluggish enough to stop eating it.
I found that loneliness is my biggest fear.
I found a starburst in an old jacket.
I found that old starbursts aren't worth the effort to eat.
I found love and loss, I found a lot of pain and a lot of joy. I found triumph, defeat, hope, and fear. Ultimately, I found myself back at my parents house which I am positive will give me plenty of things to write about. 

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