Monday, July 11, 2011

Things that matter most

Yesterday, I was asked to speak in our church meeting for 10 minutes about "the things that matter most." Though I didn't use them, I made a list of common things that I think matter. Things that bring any small amount of joy to life. Here is the majority of that list:

Clouds shaped like animals
Attractive doctors
Fat babies
Clowns getting hurt
Head scratches
Salty popcorn
Cat’s stuck in trees
Eating until you vomit
Saying goodbye to people you don’t like
Suicide bombers accidentally pre-detonating
People who don’t know they have whipped cream on their face
Nazis coming to justice
Red hairs in my beard
Marshmallow matey's
Being taken out to eat
Strawberry lemonade
Rubber chickens
Gravy fries
Food channel
People slipping on ice
Choco Tacos
Finding money in your clothes
Peanut butter chocolate milkshakes
Cheese fries
Cows and ALL of their by-products
Buy one get one free (anything)
Burping when you are full and finding more room for food
Forgetting and then remembering you have cookies at home
Sheep noises
Animals eating with their hands
Animal sneezes
Finding and killing spiders
Bacon on other foods
Compliments from strangers
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Baby leashes
The elderly using technology
Cheesy blasters
Someone you thought was gay coming out of the closet
Watches that can go in the water
Rich, generous friends
Gift cards
Mistranslated t-shirts
Latins trying to say the word “beach”
Double yolk in an egg
Old people saying offensive things
Cookie dough
People that have to snowboard with a helmet
Seeing someone you know somewhere they shouldn't be
Slip n’ slides
People that swim with shirts on

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