Friday, December 10, 2010


Most people have some sort of talent, be it strange or beautiful. Some people are eloquent speakers. Some are flawless writers. Some can play the violin so well that you don’t know whether to cry, hate them, or cry and hate them. I’ve seen unicyclists, whistlers, weight lifters, and Angry Birds prodigies. The one common thread between all of these talentees is that the talented individual must recognize at some point that he or she is better at something than the average human.

As an extremely average human, I have often been the inspiration for just such an awakening. It is through these taxing experiences that I have come to discover my own talent. I am Scott Gale. I am the bringer of talent recognition. Do you enjoy a particular activity but are not sure you can legitimately call it a talent? Invite me over to participate! You’ll have a talent in no time. Play “HORSE” with me and you’ll find you are a talented “hoops shooter.” Ask me to sing you a song and you’ll soon be standing in line for American Idol auditions. Ask me to draw you a picture and you’ll instantly be putting your own timeless art pieces up for sale on ebay.

As I go through life failing for those around me, I have begun to see how this talent has come full circle to assist even me. When I try to lose weight, I am grateful for my laziness that is so strong I cannot even get in the car and drive to Wendy’s. When my roommates are loud after midnight, I am happy for the mild narcolepsy that puts me to sleep during class. When an unexpected visitor arrives at my house, I am prepared with the 5 cartons of ice cream stocked in my freezer, due to what some would call a lack of self-discipline. Everyone is talented, and I’m here to prove it.