Friday, September 24, 2010

Super Senior

I have gone unnoticed for the last four years. I have grown comfortable as a statistic in the computer system and another nameless entity that picks Taco Bell over Choose 2 Give. Not anymore. I have been red flagged. BYU has finally realized that I have been here for too long. I have received e-mails about graduation and job fairs. I am bombarded with options for my future as if my future does not include another 4 years to complete my undergraduate work. I was recently notified that I almost have too many credits to qualify for financial aid.

In a desperate attempt to prove my importance to this university, I padded my schedule with a few classes that have been described as “Easy A.” An “A” in Beginning Guitar will surely show the current administration that I am a valuable asset to this institution. A passing grade in Beginning Tennis must mean something to somebody important. I am developing life skills. Sure, these are skills for the life of a senior citizen, but they cannot expect me to leave before completing a course in Golf or Floral Design. If my being here is preventing some poor high school senior from coming to the school of his choice, then why entice me to stay with classes like Food Preparation in the Home? As long as there is an “A” to be freely given, I will allow the Obama administration to pay my tuition so that I can receive it. With a Pell Grant in my pocket, I am proud to be that guest that refuses to leave the party until everyone else has gone home. I am proud to continue to hover over the wedding reception buffet even as tables and decorations are being removed. I am proud to walk into CafĂ© Rio 3 minutes before closing and slowly munch on my pork salad. I am proud to be a super senior

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  1. Scott -- this is hilarious : ) You are a keeper : ) I hope you know that if I don't invite you to my wedding reception someday it's nothing personal... except then again, I'll probably be gone when they are cleaning up... so please, do come after all! : ) jk Enjoy your senior-ness!