Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleep Stage Fright

For my psychology of personality class, we’re supposed to record three different dreams we have during the last week. I am supposed to have 3 different dreams and analyze them by Tuesday the 26th. That’s only 3 nights away. We got this assignment 2 weeks ago and I have only had 2 dreams. I don’t dream under pressure. It’s like going into a bathroom and seeing that there is a trough instead of urinals with dividers. I can stand there exposed to the world with no problem, but will anything leave my exploding bladder? I don’t think so. It’s a classic case of stage fright. Tell me I have to dream and I will be graded on it and my brain shuts down completely.

So far, my two dreams are so lame I don’t even want to interpret them. The first was the night before a quiz in my physiology class. I dreamed that a friend in my class and I were trapped in this system of underground tunnels in the New York City Library which made us miss our quiz. What is that supposed to mean? I'm afraid of missing quizzes? The next dream consisted of me running around my apartment frantically searching for my inhaler because I couldn’t breath. That’s it. No story behind my asthma attack. No real obstacles keeping me from finding my inhaler. I think that is the stupidest dream I’ve ever had.

While other people are dreaming of flying and saving the world, I’m missing quizzes and having asthma attacks. I actually am interested in what Freud wants to tell me about it, but it won’t matter if I can’t conjure up at least one more pathetic excuse for a dream.